Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Things heard, that somehow make logical sense now that I'm here.

"I'm not sure, because I've been a lot of ways home."
"Can't we just go the way we came?
"Oh. This is the way to the golden tulip."
"The zoo entrance is up here on the right I think."
"Guys, I don't think this should be this hard."
"I think I recognize this. I think we can go straight or left."
"There's the zoo entrance."
"Guys, we came this way. This should really not be this hard."
"The light is red!"
"I thought that didn't matter?"
"It doesn't matter, unless you're American."
"This is the way we came."
"Oh yeah those are the gates. Turn right."
"You can't go this way this is a one way."
"Come on!"
"Yeah it should be fine."
"There are cars coming. This is not going to work. Well, you can't turn left again."
"Mais, si."
"There we go. Now right."
"Don't all these signs look French? You can tell it wasn't the Germans who came. They have different signs."
"There's the golden tulip."
"Where? I don't see it."
"I think I'm actually doing pretty well. Sometime I should tell him the way to get to the house and see if I can get it right."
"I really don't get why we can't just go the way we came."
"Go straight but not over that big bump."
"I think this was the bump we were trying to miss."
"No, this is a pothole. She was talking about that bridge."
"Just squeeze between these two."
"Mom, you told me that meant right. I've been saying left."
"So now just right here."
"Oh yeah, this is right. Because we passed that Happy Birthday graffiti on the way here."
"I actually knew that one. Because of the napkins."
"This actually is hopping during the day."
"Sometimes the carpenters block the door. Once I left and there were two. I came back and there were five. Can't you see I'm running errands."
"See you tomorrow. We'll text you to check your messages."
"During the day there aren't really any rules, but since it's night I don't think we can turn left here."
"I still don't see why we can't go the way we came."
"Well this isn't a road."
"We're home."
"Oh. I didn't realize it was so close."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


There was frost on the knoll next to the apartamento this morning! What is happening to Texas?

Happy Finals Week everyone! Drive safely on your journeys home.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December!

Hello December! Hello Christmas, and Hannah, and travel, and parents!
Hello cold, and snow (maybe), and singing carols.
Hello to winter, lovely and frosty.
I cannot wait for all of you.