Saturday, August 31, 2013

When the Credits Roll

These last two and a half weeks have been crazy.
Training, welcome week, classes started, job started, and it was so hot the whole.
Also, living with your best friends: it's a positive kind of hard.
Because we love each other and we're trying to learn to work together and care for each other and understand our pasts and our dreams and hopes and plans; all this in an environment where we don't get to "go home" to get away from each other and have our own space.
Which all four of us need.

So today, and also the last glimmers of yesterday, have been amazing.

We had a movie night. When it was over we and everyone had gone we just lay on the couch and talked life until 3 am. (Sarah wasn't here. We wished she was.)
Of course having stayed up so late I obviously (at least to me) could not sleep when we did go to bed.
I chatted with my family and a friend until 4 something then tried to collapse again.
Read Matthew 15. Then sleeping worked.

We woke up around 10.30 and I made crêpes for breakfast.
We watched Sabrina for "cartoons."
Julia ran around doing things that Julia does like sing and go to auditions and get ready to perform.
We went to her band gig.
I wished Sarah was here for the hundredth time today.

Me and Kat took some pictures on a bridge.
We made plans to go back with Sarah and Julia.
We came home and said we were going to work but we watched "It's Kind of a Funny Story" instead.
In the movie, people ran down the halls to this song.
I love that song now.

And when the credits rolled we danced in the living room, just like always and ever.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Second First Day

Today was my second first day of school, because in college you have the monday first day and the tuesday first day. That's just how it is.

Today on a work errand it rained real hard. 
I was soaked. 
My shoes were soaked.
I sneezed.

A few hours later I left work. 
Golden light was filtering through the campus.
I rode my roommate's bike home.
There was no one around.

The four of us stayed in the apartamento living room.
We curled up under blankets.
I skyped my family.
Dinner was delicious.

When the night was turning blue we walked to the library.
We smelled the rosemary.
We picked some flowers.
We got some films for the weekend watching. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Off the Face

Sorry I have dropped off the face of the planet.
I might as well be on the moon.
The freshman have arrived.
This is the craziest five days of the year.
Maybe I'll resurface once classes start.

Welcome Week!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just Breathe

Well that unexpected hiatus was due to my moving into an apartmento with my three closest friends (third friend is arriving shortly but it counts anyway I think.) Sorry for the lack of warning but it is what it is. We have been busy as bees unpacking boxes between training sessions and generally making this place adorable. Hopefully pictures will pop up here soon... when I take some.
This week will be generally hectic again as we will end training for Welcome Week and actually begin shepherding freshman into their new lives as college students. This is all very exciting.
I am very thankful, in a round about way, that I have had no time this week for my dear blog. I was so sad to leave my family and then for my dad to leave Texas to go back east. But that was all before I was back in the swing of things.
I still miss them of course (goodness yes,) but it is not crushing me.
God has me here and this is where I am. Good things are going to happen guys.
So now I do not have an extremely sad post from last week to look back on in the future. I have this one telling you it is bitter-sweet but I am excited.

To all my friends who are about to be freshman I say again: remember to breathe. The year will run away from you. I feel like my last year barely happened. Yet here we are, in the next year confident and still not having a clue at the same time. It will be grand. Just remain calm and breathe in...

...and out, and in, and out....

Friday, August 9, 2013

When You Miss the Dance

When you miss a dance, like I will doing this weekend and like I did last weekend, it's a good time to listen to a story and some good jazzy tunes
It'll make you think. 
It'll make you happier.

... I hope. 

Good thing our family is getting together tonight. You have to have something, even if it's just a good book.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Don't kiddos just make you smile?
Here's some that made me smile:

Pictures of my little cousins sharing a chair because they want to sit together.

Being called a lady in line at the store. "Watch out! There's a lady behind you! Don't run into her!"

A mother "racing" her son to the door at the library.

When they stare at you because they don't know better.

Being told by another little cousin that it was "time to go home, missy!"

Seeing parents hold their children's hand in the parking lot.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I was away this weekend, on vacation, seeing old friends, failing to blog or upload any pictures. Then I spent yesterday recuperating from my vacation.
I know, pathetic.

And today is packing and cleaning and thinking about leaving in a few days.
It's happy and it's sad.

I love this picture. I told my friend I'll be the frog but now I'm not sure if it isn't a fish.
Since I miss all my friends I am willing to be either one.
Also, I've recently fallen for this Passenger song

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August

It is nearly the end. Time to roll back to school...
but not without  a few more weeks of fun. 

Here's to finishing summer in style.