About Me

Hello! Welcome to my pondering space. Feel free to ponder with me. By way of introduction: I'm Kit. As a TCK, I've moved way too many times for someone who hasn't lived a full two decades, but it's mostly been France, then Germany. I'm now in Texas, studying to become a nurse. I have one younger sister and two wonderful parents, who now sadly live very far from me. As for other family, I have the family of Christ. I love to paint, occasionally write poetry, walk under an umbrella in the rain, curl up with a good book, drink tea, and sing in the kitchen. I hope you enjoy my musings. Feel free to interject your thoughts as well, by way of comment or email. I also welcome you to follow me on Pinterest or Instagram

note: most of the pictures on my blog are found via Pinterest. I try to give credit where it is due but if something is yours and you don't want it here, just notify me and I'll take it down.

post-postscript: the gif above was made using A Beautiful Mess's app, PartyParty. Love them!