Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter to you

Dear Kate,

there will be nights without sleep.
Or more specifically: there will be 2AMs with many projects begun all over the floor and checklists building in your mind, and you will want to stay up all night.
You will, of course, try the whole sleep thing.
After all, night is when people sleep and you have places to be tomorrow, hypothetically.
But let's face it, you're not very good at sleep.
Aside from everything you want to be doing, there's everything you need to get done. And when you do what you know you should, there are the thoughts to chase away the sleep with the broom.
I really just thought you should know.

Best wishes,
Future Self

PS: You've always been this way, so you probably already knew. It was just in case. Or it will be, I guess.

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  1. Little or no sleep, ever since you were 2 years old. Hope you can "catch up" sometime....


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