Sunday, June 23, 2013


This weekend was so much fun. All the family appeared from around the country for a reunion and a birthday party. And the weekend was spent chasing kiddos, watching family videos, meeting relatives, and eating so much food. What can I say? It's the Italian-American in me.

But now I'm a little peopled out. So, instead of curling up into a burrito let's get some Pinspiration:

This makes me smile every single time.

Some people are exactly what you wish you were, in the best way.

For example: Carrie Mulligan, who I used as hair inspiration.

I've seen pictures of this rain room floating around. Maybe I should start a bucket list?

Any other cloud lovers out there? And speaking of the skies, anyone noticed the bright moon last night? Supposed to be even brighter tonight.

I'm a not-so-secret fangirl who finds this possibility real funny.

But most of all, I'm just happy about my sister. That's the best one to remember. We've been laughing and jamming to summer tunes.

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