Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gotta Swing!

This is a video of last night's swing dance. It was our third and, sadly, will probably be our last of the summer. Oh well! Hopefully we'll find places to go when we go back to school!
This time more of the family joined in the fun in honor of Aunt Ellen's birthday!

This whole video is pretty great but I'll try to give you a few highlights!
If you watch at 6:32 Hannah will appear in the right corner dancing with Glen, Aunt Ellen is dancing behind them. Stephanie (my cousin) is dancing with Brendan in the middle of the floor and my cousin Teresa and I are just barely discernible dancing by the door! (I was practicing my lead!)
At minute eight you can see my mom do a dip with Glen.
8:06 you can watch me dance with Brendan quickly followed by Stephanie dancing, quickly followed by Aunt Ann! You go ladies!
The last seven seconds of the video are us posing for a "picture." It's very amusing.

We're all in the video a bunch of other times as well. I keep seeing my mistakes but I'm glad to say that those are overruled by the good time I was having!

This is absolutely my favorite new hobby. I'm just going to watch that last seven seconds a few more times so I can see us all smiling together again. This summer is spinning to a close.


  1. Oh my word! I'm so jealous! You have to teach me to dance better and we'll root up some swing dances to attend this school year :)

    1. Kathryn and Kim just went to a place in Austin and they said we all have to go back! :)

  2. ah! this is so great! we are definitely doing this :))))


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