Monday, January 13, 2014

back again | January, darling | list of 10

So I'm back. Yes, I've been gone from here forever. I'm so sorry. There was break and painting and writing and not getting things done to be done. 


Dear January, 
hello, my darling. You have a lovely name. I always forget that I love you. I hope you never do. I thought I would wish you to bring snow. You haven't, but I'm not disappointed. The warmish Texan winds, Virginian drizzly days, and German fogs have been perfect so far. Thanks.


I was thinking today about jumping right back into school. My tired brain wasn't truly ready for this leap. I should really go to bed now and perhaps avoid the dreary feeling coming back tomorrow. I've somehow managed to leave my family scattered back over the globe and I miss them already. 
So, thought I don't do New Years Resolutions, here is a list. 

10 things to do to keep from going crazy as you start nursing school: 
1. stay totally open to amending this list.
2. dance in the living room.
3. practice french.
4. call your family and friends.
5. paint. 
6. roommates.
7. prayer.
8. don't let work run away with itself. 
9. watch your favorite films.
10. reorganize

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