Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thanks for the Rosehips

I love rosehips. Truly, they are one of my favorite things about autumn.
I'm aware that it's winter.
But actually our winter was friday, now it's gone.
Still, it's not quite spring.
So I'm thinking about autumn.

Let me back up.

When I left Germany I had a jar of rosehips.
I eventually had to throw them away.
They dried out, kind of started to rot...

More background.

Listening to a sad, emotional song (not for the sake of melancholy, it's just in the playlist.)
Watching a video that makes you cry (again, I didn't know it was coming.)
It would be easy to just sink into it.

But then you remember about rosehips.
On every walk there are those things you see, special rocks, feathers, flowers, rosehips.
(If you're wondering which of these are best, let me give you a hint: rosehips. Always rosehips. Seaglass too. Always seaglass. Same principle.)

So in life, there are rosehips too.
Something someone says. An old treasured memory. A special, spontaneous, parking-lot group-hug. A loud dinner party that goes late and stays happy. Remembering something from a book you read as a child, that makes you laugh out loud. God's hand at work.

So to the people who carry the rosehips in, thank you.
Life's rosehips never dry out.

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  1. I was there for that group hug and wonderful night with our friends. I loved it and you! Thanks for summing it up. Beautiful post!


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