Monday, May 20, 2013


I finally saw the new movie last night with my cousin. It was quite fun. We're good cousins.

I thought it was wildly appropriate that they put Nick in a sanatorium and made it a frame tale. Novels and movies about the lost generation always make me feel all turned around.
I wonder if this is because I am a lost sort of person or because they have that effect on everyone.
At the end of the movie (and the book) I feel so let down when Gatsby crumbles, as though I were Nick and I have this inexplicable hope in him. That is because for a time he makes the pointless everything seem like it had a point. Why did the twenties have to be so hopeless and pointless? They were so beautiful in all other regards.

Obviously, after seeing the movie I want to read the book again, but I'm not sure I won't be very lost if I do that. It's a bit like the Modern Art Effect.... or is that just me too?

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