Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My [Hannah] Banana

I'm pretty sure my sister is fantastic.
Her name is Hannah. She's younger than me but she looks older. And that's ok. Because when we're old, I'll still look younger.
She's obsessed with chickens. Don't ask me why. Umbrellas are more my thing.
She plays basketball, like wayyyy better than I do. She sings great... greatly... whatever; and she plays all kinds of instruments: guitar, piano, some violin.
She's smarter than she thinks. She catches me doing dumb stuff all the time. And I feel stupid, but it's ok because it's a laughing, funny stupid.
She's funny all the time. She can make me laugh when I'm crying. She always makes me laugh when I'm mad at her, which is infuriating, but also funny.
She's way cool. Like really.

And together: that's the best.

1 month, 1 day. I can't wait to see my Banana!
We're going to have our best adventures yet  ;)


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