Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maybe Some Answers

Yesterday I studied but didn't really study for a test I took today. [I did study a bit today]
And last night I talked to two of my friends about questions and answers. So here are some.

I think that yes, some people would say I am too analytical. But I have decided it suits my process. I don't think I could operate as my personality within the mind of another. It wouldn't really be me if my brain had to work someone else's way. I'm comfortable in my own skin. It's a good skin to be in for me.
So, I'm just a questioning kind of person. And sometimes there won't be answers as concrete as I would like. And that means patience. [That is answer one.]

Some later questions were: what is the point of relationships? Why is it important to count on people? Have you ever wondered, why do we have friends? Not that I don't want them [I love my friends] I was just wondering what they are for. I had these questions separated before, but now I think they should be together. And the answer is God. God created us for a relationship with him and all our other relationships are a reflection of this, an outpouring. Jesus told us that love for God and love for others are the first two commands, the highest in the Law. So if the core reason for my existence is to love God, then the core of my being is relational. Therefor, we have friends and relationships. [A second answer]

I feel like I have a piece of clarity but all it illuminates are many more questions. I think I'm ok with that though. Having a mind full of questions isn't all bad. So this process of asking questions and finding answers really isn't over. This is just what I can articulate right now.
It'll do for now.
here is a picture of Kat, when we were trying to study

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