Tuesday, October 1, 2013

At the end of the day

There are two things on my mind and in my heart today.

Firstly, the question of what to do about people who need help, but won't let you help them. I know a bunch of people like this. I was talking to my "little brother" in Germany about one of them this afternoon.
Now I'm not talking about people who are carrying five boxes and won't let you grab one because they swear they've got it. I'm talking about friends who carry their internal burdens alone. They're independent in spirit. I know I can be like that at times too, so I won't blame them. I'll just pray.
I pray that God brings them joy. I pray that I can keep God's joy while still mourning with those I love when they need me. I pray that we can all grown in vulnerability and love, like Christ.

The second thing goes along with the first. It is simply a prayer that my heart would be broken for what Jesus' heart breaks for. I've prayed this before but my heart is breaking in new ways. I suppose this is an answer, so I'll pray all the more.
Lord, keep me away from my selfish ways. Make me look out at the world and see it the way you do. 

I think we can herald in October tomorrow. Today just isn't the day for it. Tonight is for tea, studying nutrition notes, listening to music in the kitchen, and listening with the ears of my heart.

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