Friday, December 21, 2012


Today I was driving around with my Dad and we were talking about how I used to want to live in England. I still sort of do but I'd rather given up on it since I'm going for my nursing degree and will be licensed in America. 
Well my dad, being your typical, problem-solving male, started constructing a plan for it to all work, which made me panic. The inside of my head was screaming "but what about all my new dreams?!?! what do I do with those?" What do you do with that, when all of your ideal lives conflict a little? 
I sort of muse about having each for a few years here and there. It's not like every dream is even that complete or full time. For example, wanting a nice house with a window seat does not conflict with my plan to become a nurse. Neither does my plan to live near the ocean. But can I live in NYC and have my dream garden? I think not so much.
Just a thought. 

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