Sunday, December 9, 2012


Last night I arrived at my parents house, our should I say this morning. It's strange to have them living in a house I've never set foot in before. I suppose this will be happening more now that I've gone off to college, but it makes me feel so old.
At any rate, I meant to write last night.
The plane ride was so lovely. When we took off in Austin I almost drifted off, but a little jostling after take off woke me up and there beneath us were beautiful clouds like fields of lavender, soft and spreading in the descending sun. The rest of the night was black. We touched down in Tampa, then off to Philadelphia. On that last stretch the lights were everywhere beneath us. At one point some dark clouds were around us, but you could still see the glow of some anonymous city bellow. It was so bright, just as though it were a reverse sunset. It was a little odd. There I was with stars bobbing all around, imagining them below with their own blue skies. It's sort of magical to think that the people in your aircraft are the only ones to view the stars; extraordinary to be a lone astronomer on a bus driving out over the clouds, above people taking picnics in the park.

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