Saturday, December 22, 2012


Tonight I have been sleepless... or according to the app I use to track my sleep cycles (I know, I know) nearly sleepless. I think I got a little deep sleep between 2AM and 3AM, maybe. In summary, it's now half past 5 and I've been trying to sleep since around midnight to barely any avail.
This got me thinking. You see, all my life I've been pretty sleepless. I mean, I have countless memories of myself, age 5, in bed at 8 o'clock telling myself stories about fields of buttercups and wild horses, because there was no way in the world that 5 year old me was ever falling asleep before 10PM. Come morning I would be awake at 6, telling more stories and watching for the clock to ring at 7, when I was allowed to jump out of bed and pounce on my parents.
It carried on like this for quite some time. Through highschool it was sleepless nights of work, but I have to admit I half-enjoyed the thrill of having reasons to avoid slumber.
And then there's the story-effect, the dream-effect, or we could even call it the Pinterest-effect.
Earlier [it was meant to be posted yesterday, but it wound up being after midnight] I was writing about dreams I have for life. It has the same result that telling myself stories as a kid had, or browsing your Pinterest right before bed. You get your mind going on wonderful paths and scenarios and suddenly you are lost in your mind and as much as you might like a little sleep, you settle for dozing because who would want to leave the resplendent land of their own waking dreams?
And what use is sleep when one isn't tired anyhow? Tonight I was thinking, "all those nights when I was a kid I would have loved to get up and go downstairs and get on with life. And now here I am always saving 'carpe diem' for another day. Well now I'm an adult!"
So up I am at this ghastly hour to seize the day! So far it has been excellent.


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