Sunday, January 13, 2013


Isn't it nice, for once, to hold the physical letter in your hand? To know that someone took time to spread the ink on the paper themselves. To receive a doodle along with a kind word and maybe even a teabag or a ribbon or a button. To be able to put it away in your drawer to keep for all time.

And then you have the time to write back. Time to daydream, time to plan. To drink a cup of tea. No one is expecting the reply for at least a week or three. You have plenty of time. Time to think up all the questions, store up all the moments, you wish your friends could be here for. And then you sit down to write and draw and paint... And you lose most of the things you'd planned to say, but it doesn't matter because it's sealed and on it's way to be posted already.

Just like a few of my responses, going out today. 

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