Friday, July 12, 2013

friends meet friends | two

Here we are again. Meet some more of my friends who blog! Happy day!

Today it is time to meet some people from my high school days, though they weren't as long ago as that makes them sound. These two girls are two of my best friends on this spinning blue marble, and they started blogging alongside me. There's been a lot of elbowing and "when are you going to post"-ing to keep us motivated along the way.

Above we have the lovely Taylor. Her blog is a lovely, numerical, sporadic journal. Her posts make me feel like I'm right back with her. Spring break, when I went up for a visit, already seems so long ago.

And here we have Mikala. She also writes sporadic, thoughtful posts that make me miss her so much. I cannot believe it has been over a year since we hugged goodbye.

Both these lovelies are under the impression that I am the only person reading there blogs. If that's true it is a shame because they both make me laugh out loud (with the spitting and the driving.)
Writing this makes me miss you so much my heart aches. I want to be back on the basketball bus with you nuts right this moment, swapping jokes and making memories. I can't wait for the five year reunion when we get to open that paper. (And no, I haven't looked in case you were wondering; I am not completely incapable of keeping my curiosity under control.)


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