Friday, July 5, 2013

Progress Report

A month ago, I showed you a picture of my baby apple tree as it first sprouted. Well here he is again.

Isn't it amazing how many more leaves there are after just thirty days?
Since then he has been renamed Bertie, after Bertie Wooster from Wooster and Jeeves (books by P.G. Wodehouse and BBC series starring Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry.) He's been added to a pot where he lives with some tomato plants due to draining and size issues in his previous two homes. Soon we'll repot him again. There's also this lovely comparison, if you'd like to see the pictures side by side on Instagram.


  1. Where will this tree be planted once you guys have moved?

    1. I'm not sure yet. Bertie might stay with my aunt or come with me.


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