Thursday, February 28, 2013


Tonight we went to Julia's concert instead of to home group, which was a bummer because home group is amazing but awesome because the concert was amazing.
Julia is in One Voice (if you go to UMHB and you haven't taken the time to see them, you're missing out). She had a solo tonight, something that's pretty awesome for a freshman. She's the only one in our little tight group who is not a nursing major, but we still love her (wink wink) and she's in the music department.
At one part Julia was singing out and Kat grabbed my hand because she was so wrapped up. I looked over at Sarah and she was just staring at Julia and nodding really fast. Julia was just beaming at the audience.
There is so much love between our friends. I'm just so glad we were there, appreciating each other and engaging in life.
Freshman year is almost over. It's just been an insane ride. Sure I've been homesick, but I absolutely love it here.
I'm thinking about the seniors back at my high school in Germany and how pretty soon they'll have their own new beginning. Mine feels like such a short time ago. How a year does fly!
But a year brings healing and new beginning and new growth. I've experienced things I never thought I would.
Have hope in new beginnings friends. They're not reserved for New Years. They're for all the time. Embrace them.

No picture tonight. Just look around you and enjoy what you've been given.

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