Monday, February 25, 2013


So I know the title isn't exhilarating, but the weather today was un-be-lie-va-ble; unbelievable. Period.
[I guess it was yesterday since it's so late now, but same deal.]

First there was the fact that it rained last night and I spent the morning wearing my galoshes before switching to sunglasses just before lunch (flats for the feet, sunglasses for the face).
Then there was the wind. My chief aim with the sunglasses was actually to keep dust from my eyes as it was whipped up, along with some pebbles, all over campus in dangerous looking puffs from the construction site. At first I thought it was just the European side of myself that was a little freaked out, but then there was talk from the Texans about things like tornado season and I felt way less out of it, but a little more freaked out. Everyone was having a collective weather complaining day. So let's recap it.

In the morning a girl was nearly knocked over by the wind while holding a door for me. I spent the rest of the day sporadically battling that same door so that it wouldn't shut on my as I traveled in and out of the building.
There were many complaints that it was hard to run against the wind, whether from people running late or just running to go running. (Though why you'd run in this weather...)
As we emerged from the sub after lunch, Julia was reminded that she wanted to tell us about other weather issues all over Texas but had to shout to be heard over the force of the wind. This resulted in the rather ironic "THERE'S A BLIZZARD IN LUBBOCK Y'ALL!" I looked that up. There are definitely blizzard warnings.
Then I traversed the quad. Everyone was ducking between buildings and dust clouds were coming at us. I could have sworn all the trees turned into whomping willows and horrible visions of branches snapping off and knocking me unconscious clouded my thoughts, until I reached the safety of my dorm.
It is now freezing out. There are rumors of snow in Waco. What is happening? Has winter actually come to Texas?

Before my roommate had gone out today she asked me "so is a cold front coming in?" Yes dear, I think yes is a safe answer. 


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