Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blessed | My Memorial

I wrote in my last post that I am starting a memorial. I may not have explained exactly what that is so here I will. A memorial is a thing (wall, shelf, notebook, etc...) that you keep to remind you of the ways God has come through for you. Right now mine is a piece of notebook paper with a sentence for each of the last three days.
However, my blessing have been so much greater than just those three things. In light of this, I would like to share and expand.
Over the weekend I got to go to our annual C-life retreat with one of my closest friends (see us "singing" down below.) We swam in a lake and jumped on scary things. We enjoyed the sun and watched the storms blow in while we ate s'mores and sang karaoke. We met a bunch of our new freshmen girls and did a skit all together. We came home to quiet afternoon.
I got to be with my friend Lauren and talk about all our stuff that's exactly the same a few times this week. She is truly a blessing to me.
I had lunch with my mentor on Monday. I saw God working in someone else's life. I got to hold a newborn baby.
On Tuesday, I had a lovely phone call with our "big brother."  A little girl almost fell asleep in my arms during the children's lesson. We watched "Step Up" in the middle of the night, because we could.
Wednesday was simply lovely, exactly the blustery kind of day that should make up all Octobers. My family and friends were all writing me messages. I felt like a real scientist during Micro Lab. Julia and I laughed, maybe too much, at Bible study, because that's how we are. The stars were lovely. The night was crisp.
Today everything is sliding by smoothly under the sun. Plans are being tossed around. Friends will be making their appearance soon. I made a photocopy run at work. While the copies were shooting out of the machine, I practiced solo swing dancing. If anyone saw me, I looked kind of insane or at least totally "Luna Lovegood" whimsical. I hope that's okay with the copy center people. They're generally pretty chill.
Now, it's not like this week's been all roses or anything. I definitely broke a giant glass dish, did a face-plant into a lake, and acquired a lovely assortment of random scrapes, cuts and bruises. I ran late to a few things. I sometimes fail at being a model of grace and love, often actually. So please, don't think it's all perfect or anything. I just wanted to count my blessings.

(***I am aware that this post may be seen as being a little cheesy. Just ignore it and watch this "Talent/No Talent" video. You can laugh at us, it's ok.)

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