Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello October | Home & Home & Home

Welcome to the lovely month of October.
I love a Texan October. Normally September is my favorite month. That's not because it contains my birthday.
September is the corner month of summer and fall. Of course autumn is my favorite season: crisp weather, cozy days, leaves changing color, breezes blowing in.
And in Texas we start getting that in October, kind of. The storms stop being summer storms and start being the rainy days of autumn. Not everyday, just some days are rainy. There's a light wind in the morning and the evening. Tea is brewing in the apartmento even more often. Life is lovely. Is it possible to have a comfort season? I'm going to say yes.

So that was my aside about October. Or maybe that was the real thing and these are the asides:

I miss my sister. So so much. Evidence: I'm listening to Red, Radioactive, Gunpowder and Lead, See You Again, Rehab... you know, all our summer tunes minus the jazz. Han, I wish you were here and we could hop in the car and go get milkshakes and jam out to the radio. We could drive to our spot and turn the car around. You could even make fun of me for not knowing ANY OF THE SONGS (hyperbole)

Along the lines of missing things, I've been missing home and home and home. Also, I know that when I go home I'll still miss home and home and home. They'll just be different ones. Is that forever.
Probably. It's kind of a shrug.
I am very happy here. Still, I am so excited to go running in the Black Forest and see fireworks, to visit my parents in a new home and see new things, and to go see my family in Virginia.


  1. This almost made me cry, and I'm not fully sure why.

  2. Home is really an emotional subject for a lot of us TCKs i think. it's ok to cry. let it out!


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