Thursday, October 10, 2013

Patience: It's a virtue

Yesterday our chapel speaker talked, briefly and among other things, about patience. He was saying that to be patient we should go to the store and stand in the longest check-out line. To learn patience, he said, we should stay in the slow lane on the highway. And my friends and I looked at each other. And Julia said "You already do that," while I was saying "That's what I do." So the moral of the story is: I'm a patient person.
Just kidding!
You're talking to the girl who bursts with news, who can't wait for Christmas, who reads the last sentence of a book if she's not sure it will be good. I looked up the ending to a movie I was watching with my friend a few weeks ago, because I can't handle suspense. I don't like to wait.
A long time ago, I prayed that God would make me patient. And he gave me people I had to be patient with. Isn't that always the way? I'm still working on this patience thing. I'm only now realizing, God already taught me to be patient with the small things. I can wait in a grocery line. I can enjoy a slow highway jaunt. Now it's time to be patient with the big things.

So here's to this school year, that has already started. May it go slowly and not be wished away into spring and summer. May it be enjoyed. May it be difficult. May it thoroughly teach us new things. Here's to a year full of patience.

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