Sunday, October 6, 2013

Caged & Uncaged

The last twenty hours have been difficult ones. When I went to bed, some time after two o'clock, I could not sleep a wink. My heart would pound against my bones every time I tried to relax and drift away. I tried to pray but my thoughts were whirring and my heart was beating and I couldn't focus for a moment.
So I got up. I read. I danced. I did laundry at five in the morning.
And I left for church still feeling like my heart was a wild thing trapped in my chest. I was anxious, trying to make a decision that I don't need to make right now.
Still the Lord blessed my day in so many ways.
I got to see the sun rising brightly above campus and step out into the crisp Texan air at four in the morning for a breath. I got to talk to people from Pine Cove. I read for bible study at golden hour by the pond. Two butterflies flew out of a bush to greet me. The air smelled like a summer barbecue as the sun was setting.
I sent out a message asking the girls in my small group to pray for me and left for bible study. While I was there our leader was speaking and suddenly something clicked. Jesus has a will for my actions. He holds my life in his hands. I will not stress or be anxious. He will not allow the devil to steal my peace from me. I need only lean on him.
And the peace that had left me when I started having these sleepless nights came flooding back in. All the knots loosened and things were as they should be once again. I could breathe. Great is the work the Lord is doing in all the Earth. He is magnificent.

When we got home we danced in praise in the living room. Declare: the Lord is good! He is stronger than any evil that may ever come against us.

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